alt Datum Services

We are leading consultant in everything data related. We are a team with a complete diverse background. This gives alt Datum a competitive advantage when working with different types of businesses. We implement specific tailored solutions that will help your business run more effectively.

Data Analytics

Strategic and predictive analytics. We customize the data that you need through many different types of platforms giving you better information to make more effective decisions.

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Data Extraction

We extract the data that your business needs from many different sources. We are able to cleanse, prep and collect any type of data that your business needs to be successful.

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Data Visualization

We take big data and create customized visual reporting that is specific to your business model so decisions can be made more effectively throughout your business.

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Penetration Testing

Security is at the upmost important aspect. We use leading security tools to find and exploit vulnerabilities within your network. Keep your business safe from an attack.

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Website Development

We are back end and front end website professional developers and can help to grow your business through any CMS and customize connections through any platforms CRM,ERP and more

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B2B Lead Generation

We put together a specific program for your business where we build mass amounts of demand while simultaneously building you a database of your highly refined prospects for sales and marketing.

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